Mobile Device Management

Millennium Communications’ business partners enhance our customer’s ability to monitor and support all the mobile devices in a fast and economically efficient manner.

With our solution we can provide the ability for an organisation to:

  • Monitor all of their mobile devices
  • Locate the users and support them.

This includes remotely deploying software updates, changing configurations and performing software restarts on the devices remotely.

Our solution has been designed from the ground up for simplicity and enterprise level scalability across any windows-based mobile device such as:

  • BlackBerry
  • Smart Phones
  • Apple iPhones
  • Nokia Symbian Devices
  • Google Android Handsets

The solution is a browser-based console designed to provide a single point of management, monitoring and support for all infrastructure equipment and users that interact within a wireless environment. It has a flexible and configurable password, profile and session management that allows the IT department to define their own settings and policies while utilising open security standards.

The solution platform provides robust capabilities for managing all aspects of mobile device deployments including initial device staging, on-going application roll outs and updates, bulk device management and interactive user support.

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